UXDI-13, Project 3: Restrospective

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This was my favorite project to work on. I thoroughly enjoyed having to look at both sides of the equation: the business needs as well as the user needs and doing my best to balance them out with human centric design.

It was also fun to look behind the scenes, and to understand from industry big wigs — the true motivations behind the app, it’s existence and it’s future roadmap. It’s not everyday that you get to speak to the makers of the app.

But the path to understand how the app had to be redesigned was not always clear-cut, we were often peppered with difficult decisions along the way. …

UDXI — Project 2 Retrospective

A story about true partnership.

Our project brief was to redesign an art’s school website, except that this time we would be working with a partner! I was quite excited to have someone to bounce off ideas and to share the workload, rather than having to figure it out all by myself like in Project 1.

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Project Name: PACKNGO a travel app with you in mind.

The Beginning.

I was given the topic ‘Travel’ by my partner and at first I thought that’s a really great topic because I have so many ideas about Travel too. Planning a trip can be such a tedious activity and having to juggle so many websites and information overload, what if we could have an app that solves this?

Method in the madness.

It seemed a little unnatural to me that I was giving an interview first, without really knowing what the problem was. …



I’m a curious cat and I love learning about other people’s experiences. Turning the complex into something simple is my hobby. Nice to meet you :).

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