Graphic design meets photography
Eman Alshawaf

For my final project the main thing I knew I wanted to work with was natural lighting. I found working with sunlight rather than harsh manipulated light was a smoother process for me. Moving to concept, I knew I wanted to keep it light and playful. I decided to photograph fruits and vegetables and use typography overlay to present punny pick-up lines. At first I was working with hand-lettering, but due to time constraints and the clean look I was going for, I decided it was fitting to keep the type bold and simple and let the fruit and the color of the backdrop do most of the talking. Overall, I’m really pleased with the playful and kind of tacky aesthetic I created. I’m envisioning a line of valentine cards coming from these…ha! The greatest challenge I had was the shot of the limes on the neon pink background. The way the pink light reflected off of the backdrop and on to the limes was difficult to work with and to adjust on my camera settings. This shot took the most post-editing in light room. I could have trashed the neon pink backdrop for a different color but I loved the contrast of the neon pink to the green of the lime, so I decided to work with it as best I could. Lastly, I decided the best way to present my photos was in a minimalist way to fit the simple and bold theme of the collection, which is why I chose to not include a border or frame of some sort.