Getting Started

I have always been really active! I was super skinny and active all through school. Then I graduated and at age 21 got married. My husband deployed and I got really depressed and started gaining a lot of weight. Three years after we got married we divorced and that again made me gain more weight. I have tried a lot different ways to lose weight, bad diets all different kinds of pills, exercise, nothing worked. I found out that I had a thyroid problem and got on medication for that and still that didn’t help.

One day sitting on Facebook I found someone talking about Skinny Fiber, I said well here we go I want to try that, the first month my body started detoxing and I was gaining weight, but I didn’t quit. Skinny Fiber gave me the energy I needed to do my workouts and stick with my day! It is the best thing that could have every happened to me I have been taking it for about 5 months and I have lost 15lbs and have more energy then I have had since high school. They also came out with a sleep med that is all natural that makes you lose weight as you sleep and I use to be on sleeping pills that didn’t really work, well guess what Highburn8 works so well I wake up after 8 hours and I am fully awake and ready for my day!

Stay tuned for more updates about my skinny fiber journey and if you would like to know more about it please feel free to message me on Facebook and join my skinny fiber group!

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