Standing desks vs sitting: why sitting ISN’T slowly killing you
Aytekin Tank

Chronic back pain is a SERIOUS issue that thousands of people are suffering from every day. It’s eating up healthcare costs and people (as early as in their 20s, 30s, and 40s ) are getting back injections daily. Either that or they’ve become dependent on narcotics just to get through the day without pain.

Thanks for this article Aytekin! However, I’d like to pose a different point of view…

As a medical professional who works closely with people experiencing chronic back pain on a daily basis, I’ve found a few falsities here.

Studies show poor posture while sitting at a computer doesn’t necissarily cause but can aggravate herniated discs and pinch nerves (many times people don’t realize they have these conditons until it’s too late). These conditions are debilitating and are typically irreversible.

Back pain doesn’t always present itself immideatly but gets worse over time due to poor posture, incorrect chair sizes, desks not being at the correct height, etc.

If a coworker is taking the proper measures to alleviate his or her back pain early… hey, GOOD FOR HIM OR HER for being proactive.

..less healthcare costs for everyone else too.

Humans aren’t made to sit at a desk all day. Computers are still in their early stages when you look at the grand scheme of our existance. We are still finding out the true implications on our bodies much later...

Some techniques that may help: back stretches in the middle of the day, walking around on breaks, getting massages every so often, and getting a check up with a chiropractor (please don’t take this as medical advice just simple suggestions, if you have serious issues see your doctor).

Also blood pooling into your lower extremeties from standing gives rise to “varicose veins” which are not largely associated with heart disease, they are quite different.