It ain’t over till the IPM begins

The day before an IPM is always tough, at least it is for me.

You have stories that you want to deliver and you want to deliver them to the best of your ability.

Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen problems can block your way or prevent you from delivering a story. Here are some of the issues I find occur most frequently:

The first and most obvious one is bad estimation. The word ‘estimation’ is defined as:

"A rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something."

In the case of stories, estimation is a ‘rough calculation’ of how much time it will take you to complete them. As a beginner, I often find it difficult to know exactly how long something will take. I’ve heard this is skill you develop with time.

Another barrier is hidden bugs. Ironically, sometimes you don’t know those pesky bugs are there until your program starts doing the things you want. Then, only when you program does something unexpected, do you realise there’s a bug lurking somewhere in your code.

Once the bulk of the story is done, there’s often additional features that need to be built which are important for the user but might not affect the actual logic. These features can also take longer than expected or cause unwanted bugs.

Today, before my IPM, I had a few features I wanted to include in my program but I was having a bit of a mental block. I looked at my code and found it difficult to see how I could weave all the little methods I had built together in order to create my final program.

I finally had a eureka period where I managed to get most things I wanted done but in the end, time got the better of me and I didn’t finish everything.

There is a positive message here though and that’s in the title of this blog. Keep pushing until there’s no time left; it ain’t over till the IPM begins.