Digesting second week of Makers Academy’s pre-course

Glanced quickly through my last post — and yes, I supposed to be tremendously efficient this week to be able to go through all the Makers Academy materials quickly, and then finish my freelance =)

And nope! Again my freelance wasn’t lucky. With all my efforts to be extremely efficient, the scope of work for the second week is HUGE. A little bit more about my journey below:

  • Second’s week challenge is to go through one of three suggested tutorials, and submit all the exercises. I picked up Ruby Kickstart. Why? Well… I quickly glanced through some of the advices on Slack, and RK appeared to be more laconic. Well, most of the people picked up the other tutorial, so maybe the grass was greener on their side, but Ruby Kickstart IS difficult. First of all, it is indeed laconic. That I found very nice and challenging. Sometimes, in order to understand what they mean, I had to google, and it is interesting to discover language like this, trying things on your own, exploring, searching for answers and explanations. Lectures themselves are following the notes quite precisely, but what is precious about these lectures —questions from the audience. They were further widening and deepening my understanding of things.
  • What is challenging — exercises. First session is cool, second one took sometime, but also was solvable, by in the third one I found myself spending about two hours per each exercise (and it is 17 of them). Yes, I know, they say not to spend more than 45 minutes, but exactly after 45 minutes you already have your version of code, and your curiosity makes you solving the puzzle, and finding out, what why and how you are doing wrong, how to make it right, and how to further improve it — what easily takes hours.
  • Codewars. Codewars are easier than Ruby Kickstart =)(no, honestly, up to 4kyu challenges are easier than RK session 3 … ) I ranked up to necessary 7kyu before the week started, it took me couple of hours and it was quite a relaxing way to spend a spare moment – more like a puzzle / game. Right now I am on 6kyu level, and am looking forward to play more with it.

Another observation about my experience: meeting up to work together. I messaged in the slack group, a group of 5 students gathered together, and we decided to meet and work in Zyferblat (if you don’t know this place — definetely check it out: lovely atmosphere). And it was a lovely day, with lovely people, but absolutely inefficient! =) We just couldn’t resist chatting about things! So next challenge: next time to manage to WORK together %)

And just to highlight my description with something fun… have you seen this video about WAU number?;)

UPD. By some reason this post stayed in drafts from Sunday until now, but was written as of Sunday.

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