Back in May, the Vega team shared with us their vision of democratizing access to financial products that up until now were available to traditional, capital heavy entities only.


Today we are excited to announce our investment in Multis along with Y Combinator, Coinbase, eFounders and the CEO of Compound.

Multis is a small efficient team that was a part of YC’19 batch. We were extremely happy to meet them before they join, being one of the very few investors to back them while still in YC.

Briefly, Multis is a self custodian bank for the digital era.

Presenting at YC Demo day

Secure and digital banking to the bone

In the last few years, we’ve seen tons of lending services, multi-sig wallets, exchanges and many more built in the crypto space. These are amazing steps forward building the new form…

An interview with the founder and CEO Fred Jin.

This article was originally posted on Monday Capital’s website.

Today we’d like to announce Monday Capital’s investment in CERE Network’s Seed round financing alongside a cast of other great investors, including Binance, NGC and Arrington XRP Capital.

As a founder-focused fund we tend to see the best and brightest people pitching us the craziest ideas. Many of them are incredibly innovative but lack the business model. Others use complicated technology (i.e blockchain) to solve a problem that can be solved otherwise more easily.

CERE is a company with a clear business model that uses blockchain to solve a problem that…

Hi everyone, we have received many questions about our investment criteria for the Ecosystem Fund, how to apply, etc., so here is an initial Q&A.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask us in the comments.

What’s the role of this fund, and who runs it? How does it support the RIF ecosystem?

The RSK Ecosystem Fund is managed by Monday Capital, a fund that was founded by entrepreneurs/engineers.

The goal of the Ecosystem Fund is to support financially, technically and business-wise new startups that build on top of bitcoin and the RSK ecosystem. It’s dedicated to investments in ventures working within bitcoin and RSK.

The Ecosystem Fund provides seed funding for startups. We don’t…

Art by Jack Hudson

To move the world forward, you need to think out of the box. And to make this actually happen, developers worldwide need access to resources and technology.

That’s why we, at Monday Capital, decided to partner with RSK and create an Innovation Studio in San Francisco and an Ecosystem fund dedicated to invest on teams that build on top of the most secured blockchain, the bitcoin.

The goal is to create an opportunity for the brightest minds to be free to experiment.

A radical rethink — Bitcoin is not only relevant to financial services

When the internet was first widely adopted, the impression was that its main purpose was email communication. …

Art by Angelica Alzona

Smart societies shape their future by understanding the potential of each new technological revolution and designing how it will be deployed.

But the new in order to establish itself it needs to replace the old. And that’s not easy because a lot of people LOVE the old. They made their success, their wealth, their lives based on what used to be the new, but it’s already old.

Now it’s obsolete.

This natural resistance from the old market and the government, plus the difficulty in assimilating these changes makes each great revolution go through bubbles and crashes.

How to identify a revolution

Revolutions are created by…

Just wrote down 9 easy ways to start using less plastic with minimal effort.

So many of us spend our time in nature, swim in the sea and yet we also use plastic water bottles, use cosmetic products that contain micro plastics which might end up as ocean waste, suffocating sea turtles…

Every year, around 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean, where it can prove fatal to marine life.

All the choices we make in the city affect our planet and the animals that live in it.

There is a heavy disconnect between our emotional relationship with the planet and our day-to-day lifestyle.

Here, as a reminder to ourselves, I…

Understanding the transition to the digital era

People keep repeating that money is already digital and question the usability of blockchain. But if you come to think of it, in the traditional financial systems the value transfer is not truly digital.

The digital money that banks are displaying is not truly transferring value in a digital way. It’s just a display of numbers with no sophisticated transfer of value behind it. No hard currency is transferred from one bank to the other the moment you make a wire transfer (and that’s why it’s efficient). It’s just a display that we blindly trust that it’s true. …

Art by João Fazenda

The Bitcoin community, especially those who are around before 2014, know a thing or two about Rootstock and what they are working on. For those who don’t know, Rootstock (RSK for short) is enabling smart contract development and execution on top of Bitcoin. You can have all the goodness of Ethereum (and rest) platforms on the most secure blockchain, Bitcoin.

Smart contracts on bitcoin

RSK is a Turing-complete smart contract platform (just like Ethereum) that is connected to the Bitcoin blockchain through sidechain technology. It provides faster transactions and better scalability features, which we believe will also enable new usage scenarios.

The purpose of…

Katerina Stroponiati

Founding Partner at and RSK Ecosystem fund. Previously at Sunshine, an AI company.

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