The Food Truck App to find all your local food trucks

Food trucks are amazing. You can find food trucks anywhere and get food on the go. They have a special taste that’s a bit different from the restaurants and a bit closer to the tasty food that you cook with effort and love at home. You can find a lot of food trucks in Miami. But that’s not guaranteed, you can also have a bit of a problem finding one sometimes. That is where the Kater Food Truck app comes in. Using our app, you can find and locate the nearest one of the Miami food trucks and get your food right away.

Locate The Nearest Truck

It’s amazing when you are getting food that’s being made by the local chefs. Where the restaurants may have common dishes that appeal to a large audience, the food trucks have much more creative and experimental food that is made with more effort and creativity. The local chefs are no amateurs and are very creative when it comes to crafting the perfect meal for you. Using our app, you can find food trucks that are near you in the blink of an eye.

Explore Menus

We have Food Trucks that are registered with us. You can go through their menus and select your meal from a wide range of tasty options. This is one of the best things about our app. You can check what you are getting before you head out towards the truck. The food truck will have exactly what you want before you even go to it. This feature is very helpful since it makes things more efficient and saves a lot of time.

Order for Pickup or Book for an Event

There is a lot you can do through our food truck app. You may love food from the trucks, but you may not be fond of waiting in the line. Well, you don’t have to, you just have to place an order through our app and simply go and pick it up. As simple as that, you can eat as soon as you arrive and avoid waiting. You can also book the food truck for an event, how cool is that? You can use the catering services and make your event a fun experience for you and all of your guests.

Join Us

Do you run a Food Truck? Be a part of the Kater community and bring your business online. 
Through our app, the customers can find food trucks like yours very easily, and that would mean more sales and exposure. 
It’s a tool to use to increase the convenience to your customers and more efficiently get them to you.

Get Our App

So what are you waiting for? You can get our free app and save yourself the hustle of locating a Food Truck. 
You can download Kater — Find food trucks on both Android and IOS platforms. It’s completely free and its delicious pictures will make you hungry.