The Food Truck Scene in Miami

The food trucks in Miami bring the flavors and cultures from all over the world, especially Latin America.

Food trucks are everywhere, and Miami is no exception. There are multiple public food truck events throughout each week, which host approximately 150+ food trucks in and aroud Miami.

These events are scattered across Miami-Dade and Broward county making it likely that you might have one right in your neighborhood. Neighborhoods such as, Wynwood, Brickell, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Plantation, Haulover, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, and North Miami Beach all have public food truck events at least once a month.

They are great community events, bringing together all sorts of friendly people looking for a nice time. These events also take place at Magic City Casino. Hard Rock Casino, and Dania Beach Casino, and Tropical Park once a month.

Food trucks offer a unique and innovative cuisine that attracts foodies and lots of curious tasters. 
Flavors from all over the world fill each food truck in Miami, sharing the tastes of Venezuelan, Columbian, Italian, Peruvian, Mexican, Chinese, American, Brazilian, and Caribbean food, with eager and hungry patrons. Each chef offers their creative input and adds a little twist to the traditional recipes, making their food one of a kind. Even desserts are specialty, with various options of Belgian waffles, nitrogen ice-cream and crème filled churros.

Unfortunately, if you don’t closely monitor all the food trucks individually it is difficult to know about all the food truck locations, even when its right around the corner. 
Fortunately, there is a mobile app for finding food trucks in Miami and South Florida, called Kater food trucks. After downloading the app you can see the live locations of food trucks and get directions to them. Users are also able to order ahead through the food truck app and skip the line. That way you can eat as soon as you get there.

No need to investigate food truck locations anymore, just open the app and let it guide you there.