Enjoy Your Coffee

A woman walked into the cafe which I work in and was bothered by her son who was nagging her to take her coffee to-go rather than to sit down and drink it in the shop. She patiently explained to him that what makes her coffee so enjoyable is the act of sitting down and drinking it from a ceramic cup. She told him that this makes the coffee even better. Sitting down, making conversation or reading while sipping on her coffee rather than taking it in a cup to go can change the way the coffee tastes, according to this woman.

This happened about three months ago. Here I am three months later, thinking about what this woman said. It’s true.

I’ve noticed that so many of us are always on the go. We bounce from one event to the next, from class to class, taking food to go, eating in the car, setting our alarms, rushing our morning showers, it’s all a part of the fast-paced world we are currently living in.

Do we enjoy our coffee? Do we take the time to potentially change the way our coffee tastes? Can we make the same cup of coffee we drink every day taste better just from taking the time to truly enjoy it?

I’ve realized that rushing things actually wastes time. Personally, when I plan too much or focus on too many things at once, everything becomes a clutter — I start putting 20% into five different activities rather than 100% into one activity, and then 100% into another activity and so forth until I have calmly and productively completed five separate tasks all at 100%.

Recently, my dear roommate, Heba, recommended a book to me. It’s all about time hacking and how you can learn to slow down time — It works. I have started seeing changes in my habits. I have become more conscious about what I do with my time, how I approach organizing and scheduling my activities, and what I spend less time doing. It also helped me differentiate between what is a waste of time and what I thought was a waste of time. I hope this article finds you well, and you give this book a read. It is available in PDF format for free.

Slipstream Time Hacking by Benjamin Hardy

Click here to download PDF

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