Make Time to Pause.

for the busy, cluttered ones who feel like they are burning out — breathe consciously, lay down and listen to some music, meditate, go for a walk

My friends and I are all freaking out. We can’t stop talking about how fast time flies — how all of a sudden, we went from being children when summers were these dragged out vacations which seemed to never end to being young adults trying to grasp onto any free moment we have and speaking of days that consist of doing nothing as if they are unheard of phenomenons.

Is this bad? I think not.

Why? Because this means we are busy. This means we are making the most of our time. We are running from class to work to a friends house to a concert and then to our beds to get a nice 6 hours of sleep (which I never thought would be enough, but oh… it is) just to wake up and run all over the place again.

We are young. We are full of energy, or at least we should be. I am a firm believer that if you eat right (this is a biggie — no matter how busy you are, don’t forget to buy some groceries and take the time to eat home-cooked meals), exercise, get a couple of hours of sleep, smile, then you too will have energy. Being young and full of energy… this is the perfect time, if ever, for us to exhaust ourselves. This is the time to be involved in everything possible — to jump from job to internship to job, to keep up with our friends, to do things which excite us. Will we be able to exert the same amount of energy in 30 years? Probably not.

So- I am telling you to pause. I am also telling you to always keep running. This is because I believe there is enough time in our lives to do both. Finding balance is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. How? Time management. It took me a long time and lots of trial runs to figure out how to balance my running around and my very much needed pauses.

What works for me? Making lists. I started writing down tasks which I need to complete within an hour, day, week, month, etc. I make grocery lists, lists of goals, task lists, all kinds of lists. It works for me, it keeps me on track. I take a couple of minutes the night before to create lists of things I need to get done and plan ahead. Then, the next day- instead of wasting time trying to remember things or plan as I go, I reference my lists and plans. This lets me execute my tasks more quickly and effectively.

leaving me with time to pause… and then get right back to being busy.

I am sharing this with you because I, myself, have done both. I’ve spent a good amount of my life hanging out. My only responsibilities were school, a part-time job, and then the rest of my time was left to have fun and care for myself. After getting involved in school and realizing I need to work a lot harder to become the type of successful I wish to be one day, I started becoming extremely busy. I became involved with an organization on campus, I started a new job as an assistant where I was to be available at any moment, I was still a full-time student and my networks kept growing meaning I was attending more social events.

This is when I started feeling as if I was burning out. I was tired, I slept less, I had less time to myself. All the things I did before, I had less time to do. I was compromising things which were very important for my mental health- journaling, reading, enjoying nature. I was upset and frustrated because I felt as if I had no balance in my life. So, I started organizing myself. I made my clutter of a schedule into a neat list of tasks. Today, I feel balanced. With the right techniques, so can you.