I Love Taylor Swift, Soap Opera Villainess
Ira Madison III

I literally just found Medium, and your article was on the top recommendations. I’m so glad I did I didn’t skip over. I don’t think I have ever read celebrity drama written with such a flare before! It’s been quite a while since I have read anything other than politics, I’ll be honest most who write about celebrity drama definitely don’t put the effort in as you have. This is fantastic! I can’t wait to read your other work.

I totally agree with you on why it matters that Swift was called out, although I have never trusted her, and never will. I’m glad for Kanye that the truth did come forward, and honestly I was tired of hearing how Kanye did her wrong.. I personally never thought that. But as a white woman I tended to be in the minority in my thoughts. Being a closet Kardashian fan I’m not surprised that Kim was the one to call her out! As they say the truth will always come out eventually! So why people lie is beyond me!

Again thank you, I almost forgot what it was like outside the political arena, and TO laugh and enjoy reading something that isn’t so stressful, but again it does matter and I’m glad you made that point! I’m really looking forward to reading other pieces you have written.

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