This is a question that I ask in all seriousness: If people of color should not be expected to do…
Sarena Perez

Hey. There is no “right” thing for us to do. Because there are valid critiques of what we’re doing, it doesn’t mean we stop. That is white fragility in action. SURJ is working with POC-led groups. There are hundreds of iterations of accountability and solidarity.

DiDi is absolutely right — there needs to be more transparency and accountability. The goal of SURJ is to be part of a multi-racial movement. There are countless ways individuals and chapters are working toward this goal.

All we can do is take criticism on board, be grateful for the perspective, and keep moving in the right direction. Please don’t act like Delgado’s words are what’s shutting you down. White supremacy’s tendency to work “perfectly” is way more of an obstacle, based on your words here, than anything Delgado said.

Stop enacting white fragility and keep moving toward racial justice. It doesn’t feel good or productive many times, but keep doing it and don’t blame a voice of reason for pointing out what needs to be said.

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