To Understand the Fallacy of Propaganda as Causal for White Supremacy (WS) You Must First Understand why Nice Polite Silent White Moderate Majority (NPSWMM) Protects White Supremacist Extremists:(yes it’s racism but they serve the agenda of NPSWMM)

Look propaganda does not cause White Supremacy. Historically WS propaganda ebbs and flows based on the level of HATE White society will openly tolerate. Propaganda does not cause racist hate and the violence that accompanies it, propaganda merely reflects White society ills.

I hate to break it to y’all but even when White society’s tolerance for OPEN HATE PROPAGANDA dwindles, propaganda doesn’t go away and all racism isn’t cleared up…

When tolerance for open hate propaganda is low, that same hate propaganda then shifts into the coded dog whistle language that nice polite White society can get behind in terms of maintaining the structural institutional and cultural norms and policy legislation that props up and continues systemic White Supremacy ensuring the privilege & power of NPSWMM WP/WM is maintained at the expense & on top of AF-Am & POC (Think not? Tell me the one day America has ever lived up to the promise of democracy? Tell me the one day White Americans elected Gov & State officials that would legislate the policies necessary at the pragmatic level of daily life that ensure CRA, VRA & FHA is the normative lived reality for all AF-Am/POC vs voting decade after decade for politicians who chipped away at those promises such that comparatively the pragmatic lived reality that should have followed those promises was made UN-F_CKING-RECOGNIZABLE?)

And let’s not forget all the government sponsored FED/State racist propaganda that justified and justifies the systemic. WS racist policies, laws and their application that subsequently legitimized a systemically WS criminal justice system, housing practices, educational access/opportunities and denied health and mental healthcare funding targeting AF-Am and Communities of color (see Black welfare Queen, Willie Horton, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty etc) and has since only increased in severity and pace.

Equally you can take Q-Anon and WS hate propaganda offline but White Christianity mouths that same White Supremacist racist misogynistic hate propaganda under the guise of religion holding out via the spectre of God sadism as the transcendent path to righteousness.


Although deplatforming WS hate propaganda might make the majority of us feel better, WS have a treasure trove of back up (e.g., see right-wing live radio and manifesto books “Behold a Pale Horse (cooper), The Turner Diaries (macdonald) Les Camp Des Saints (raspail) Dark Millennium (mcmanus) The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan (dixon)” etc

Does White America really think White Supremacist hate and violence stops with eradicating propaganda? If so it can only be because they as White people irrationally believe if they can’t/don’t see it, there’s no arrestable offense, no related Federal, State or civil cases re: racial offenses and WS extremism is no longer aimed at them, well then WS and racism has been solved. White American society runs as much on the denial of WS as it does WS

This becomes ridiculously obvious when racism WS and injustice rears its head via the courts (and let’s be clear AF-Am/POC do not have the resources or lifetime to spend adjudicating the daily crimes committed in the name of WS) because then White America in majority

1) refuses to believe AF-Am reporting such incidents

2) immediately criminalizes any Af-Am who points out racism

3) packs up to cover up,

4) argues that it’s really just one bad apple and not the White Supremacist system their denial maintains, and

5) steadfastly refuses to believe other WP supported by a WS system CONSTANTLY lie to cover their own & other White people’s racism because if they say he’s racist they have to confront their own racism as well.

There is no getting around the fact that WP only now see WS extremism as a threat because WS extremists aimed their violent hate at silent White moderate majority (i.e., White society).

Meanwhile a preponderance of evidence demonstrating widespread systemic racist police violence and a thoroughly corrupt criminal justice system has been shoved in WP faces via video and online data such that the obvious can no longer be denied (and in fact I’d argue here based past events: cellphone video has kept the heinous police violence in check in relation to what surely promised to be far worse). Moreover what WP currently see in relation to violent racist policing only represents a small statistical subset of what actually occurs).

Furthermore CV19 GENOCIDAL GRADE mortality rates within Af-Am and POC communities effectively pulled the covers on White society’s complicity in racist healthcare systems and policies that White Americans can no longer deny is deliberate putting White people on the spot because they can no longer maintain systemic WS status quo and be taken seriously via continued willful blindness and a refusal to fix what clearly benefits White Americans at the expense of all “other” non-White Americans. To summarize: White America’s plausible deniability just evaporated

So no racist violence is not now worse and it’s certainly not worse because of propaganda, it’s just visible to NPSWMM and just because that NPSWMM doesn’t want the instability and violence that comes with WS extremism doesn’t mean WS extremists aren’t fundamentally protected and tolerated by the Silent White Moderate majority because ultimately those same WS extremist & haters serve to maintain the NPSWMM’S PRIMARY AGENDA: MAINTAINING STATUS QUO SYSTEMIC WS.

Thus when WS extremists take aim at NPSWMM it gives them reason to rise up against WS extremism and pat themselves on the back as well for saving us all from the threat of WS extremism which amounts to forcing everyone into the GREAT WHITE COMPROMISE as the fallback position to save civil society (“can’t we all just get along,” “we need a return to the stability and sanity we had before” etc) never mind that the purpose of kabuki theater style negotiations was to retrench status quo systemic White privilege when real progress and growing cries for equality threatened the normalcy of that system.

There’s a reason DEMS now barely hold Senate majority (think AF-Am voters) and though Biden won by most votes ever, Trump lost with the most votes ever and all those WP who voted Biden, equally turned right around and voted all GOP down ticket because their privilege would be threatened if Democracy actually met its promise.

If you think I’m trying to say leave HATE propaganda alone and let it proliferate you’ve really missed the whole point.

Not only am I not saying that (we absolutely should take that toxic sh!t down) what I’m saying is hate propaganda is not the cause of the problems we face, White Supremacy is; and hate propaganda will not destroy. America or democracy, White Supremacy will. WS hate Propaganda is merely a reflection of systemic WS and de-platforming WS hate propaganda won’t solve that problem.

Clinical Neuropsychology Resident

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