Cupcakes & Cream Pie

Whenever I go down to the candy shop,
I see my snowball queen,
She’s always ready to suck my lollipop,
In every one of my boyish wet dreams.

Her cupcakes are big and fake,
With bright, red cherries on top,
She’s moist, like her confetti cake,
And can swallow near every damn drop.

Whenever I go down to the candy store,
I see my sugar cane princess. 
My soda pop whore.

Whipped cream smeared across her big-breasted chest
Powdered sugar sprinkled across her apron and her dress,
Please let me give you my custardy mess. 
I want to see you,
…see you in less.

The frosting on her lip,
Always gives her away,
Cupcake titties, baking pastries,
Sucking rock hard candy all fucking day

I’m going to stick my tongue,
Inside her tasty, donutty hole,
I bet she smells like bubble gum,
A creamery ending is my baker’s goal.

I want to make her scream,
Unload all over her candy face,
Wash her hair with my whipped cream.
How’s that hot jizz, cookie cum taste?

Whenever I go down to the candy boutique
I see my devil’s food,
Twinkie addicted freak.

My cock wants to drop
Into her pulsing g-spot,
And fuck her silly,
Till she begs for me to stop.

Sugar high from pixie sticks.
Ass and tits,
Hard candy,
Veiny dicks.

Give it to her rough,
Stuff her little donut,
With marshmallow fluff,
All I want to do is cum,
In that smoothly shaven muff.

She leaves my twinkie lifeless, bone dry,
I push myself away from her.
To take a picture.
Of my darling cream pie.

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