My Boyfriend’s Paddle

Listen along…

My boyfriend has a paddle.
He uses it to punish my ass.
He named the paddle “Understand”.
I learn something new with each painful class.
You’re nothing, but a fucking annoyance!
Pawing at my tethered sleeve. 
Understanding nothing all day!
A black and blue ass, I intend to leave.
Cause you do something dumb,
Almost every single day!
I must teach you to understand!
I must teach you to listen,
I must teach you to obey!
So, bend over baby, 
Here’s another lesson to learn, 
“Understand” will be branded red,
That naughty ass is sure to burn!
And while you scream, “No, Daddy! No!”,
Holding the soap, within your griddled little mouth,
I take my understanding paddle, 
Lift your skirt,
Slide your panties down south.
Understand, my little girl.
You just don’t know what’s for your own good.
So instead of using my teaching paddle, 
Here’s a dildo, that we will now call “Understood”.
And when “Understood” is finally done,
Teaching your orifices, tearing them apart.
Maybe you’ll know your rights from wrongs,
Maybe then I’ll consider you to be smart.
So, I force that dildo that I had, 
In every crevice that I could,
And now she knows her rights from wrongs, 
She’s gone from painful understanding,
To deeply understood.

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