A cute town in the Swiss mountains. In the canton of Fribourg, Gruyères is a popular tourist attraction with a medieval castle, its own cheese, and Cailler chocolate factory.

The landscape is a deep green, broken up with rural homes, farm fields, and trees.

Of course, with some beautiful swiss mountains in the background.

Going into the built area, you see a typical old town with cobblestone streets and cafés with outdoor seating.

The castle has been turned into a museum combined with a modern art gallery. As you walk through you can see etchings on the wall from the 1200’s right next to colourful abstract art from just a few years ago.

The chocolate tour was absolutely the most interesting part, taking you on a ‘live’ journey of chocolate right from its origins with the Aztecs, to its Swiss traditions today. The delicious free chocolates don’t hurt either…..

Its namesake cheese doesn’t disappoint either. It’s slightly salty, strong, and definitely tasty. Best part is, there’s plenty to go around.

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