Characteristics of a Data Scientist: Ten C’s

Kate Strachnyi
Jun 13, 2018 · 1 min read

I thought it would be fun to think of 10 words that describe the characteristics of a data scientist — using only the words that start with the letter C:

  1. Curious — implement requests and then come back asking for more data, interview users, dig deeper and question assumptions
  2. Careful — taking caution when dealing with data and thinking through the impact of results
  3. Clever — coding, data cleaning, etc., isn’t easy!
  4. Confident — stand up for what your data says, presenting to executives, speaking up in meetings
  5. Collaborative — work with various parties to come up with the solution; team work
  6. Creative — ability to create attractive and easy to understand visuals, thinking outside of the box
  7. Capable — dealing with the business, capable of learning new skills
  8. Communicative — ability to contextualize and translate a problem and solution to parties of varying backgrounds
  9. Considerate — think of data ethics and use data responsibly
  10. Candid — let the data tell the truth

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