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Every time I hear or read the phrase, “We shouldn’t let this ruin their future,” I feel nauseous. Someone says it every time a boy rapes a girl or a boy is caught on camera being racist. It doesn’t matter how heinous and violent their actions are — the boy’s future is somehow more important than whoever he hurt.

I most recently read this phrase after UniteWomen.org posted on Facebook about the group of teenage boys wearing “Make America Great Again” clothing who were videotaped taunting a Native American elder at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, DC on January…

Why women’s magazines have a place in journalism

You don’t have to be a teenage girl to see that Teen Vogue is killing it. With its inclusive and feminist content, which I wrote about last year, and its dedication to comprehensive news and political coverage, the publication has been standing out from other women’s magazines.

A magazine once known for showcasing avant-garde fashion looks for teens has been consistently producing high-quality journalism for well over a year now. Despite the concentrated applause, though (see below tweet), Teen Vogue is definitely not the only women’s magazine taking on current events.

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As an avid consumer of media aimed at millennial women, I am no stranger to the idea that we must “have it all.” So many blogs and publications for young women carry a theme of being strong and powerful go-getters, of constantly striving to make your dreams a reality, of “hustling” and “grinding.”

On one hand, I think this is great. It’s inspiring and empowering, and reaffirms everything women are capable of. I love reading stories about successful women who are killing it in their careers. I think being a #GIRLBOSS is amazing.

Getting to that point, though, isn’t easy.

The dark side of hard work

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Writer of essays, fiction, and news. www.kategardnerwriting.com

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