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Martin, I really don’t think my post about finding personal happiness and peace in my romantic relationships is comparable to measuring what countries are best for women to live in. It also seems to me that you have vastly oversimplified the word power, and haven’t really backed up any of the claims you’ve just made. I don’t think that quantified measures of female representation among public servants has been equated with or overtaken happiness. I’ve only seen that being measured as one factor that alleviates some of the oppression that women have experienced for so long.

And I don’t find being alone easier, and i’m not making assumption about control/power. I just think that it is important sometimes to be alone with ourselves and learn more about ourselves. That does not preclude the possibility of finding a loving relationship with another individual who trusts and respects me in the same way I do then.

Literally nothing I’ve said implies that I have any fetish for power. Plus you are making very broad assumptions about “women” as a whole, that I don’t really think you’re qualified to make.