Top 5 Front Door Styles. The Most Popular Traditional & Contemporary Front Doors

Kate Watters
3 min readFeb 22, 2019


Good-looking and functional front door says more than any other element of the exterior. It “welcomes” visitors with inviting design. If you look at a modern market you’ll find enormous kinds of front doors and be sure there is one that suits your taste. Wood and steel are the most popular materials used in door manufacturing, and they are presented in any style listed below. There is a list of most common styles available on the market.


It is usual that traditional doors look elegant as they feature up to twelve raised panels, glass details and forget decorations. Traditionally, such kind of doors is presented pre-hung in steel, wood, and fiberglass variations. For people with own unique ideas there also available custom doors. This can be particularly helpful if you want to achieve a specific design or if you live in a home without standard door openings.


Nowadays, contemporary style is widespread and that is no surprise, sleek lines, and simple design won’t leave anyone indifferent. In addition, blocked or square panels or frosted or translucent glass panels can be found. The hardware seen on modern doors tends to follow the same style of clean lines in its minimalist way — but often large in size.


Rustic-style doors are often seen in cabins and homes with wood, stone or brick exterior. They can be arched or rectangular in traditional form. Since many rustic doors have a thickness and a resilience demeanor, you can find bulky, oversized hardware to accompany them. Other features are raised panels, marked lines, and clear glass.


Although Victorian style doors can fit into a variety of styles, including traditional, artisan and rustic, their curved design gives them a distinctive appearance and appeal. More than likely, these doors are special orders or custom-made to fit the exact specifications of your home. The curved style offers a charming feature of architecture.


Many homes -from cottages to spacious mountain retreats — are very popular for craftsmen’s doors made of wood or fiberglass and often have straight lines with a Shaker-inspired look. The doors of the craftsman could have a window on the top with stained glass or black or wood panels and two or three rectangular panels on the bottom. Another popular option for Craftsman’s doors is a large glass insert (in the same style as above), which offers a more generous outdoor view. Custom options are available, as with other styles.



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