Why Leaving for college won’t be our Daughter’s biggest challenge

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We painted the nursery wall straight out of Guess How Much I Love You, my favorite children’s book. Borrowing an old-school overhead projector to project the image, I traced it on the wall in pencil (80’s kids will love the memories of teachers changing out overheads in the classroom.)

Over the next several weeks, we lovingly painted in the penciled lines — my my mom and I — attempting to get the shading on the bunny and the trees just right. I can still remember how it felt to picture…

What’s helping me through COVID-19

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I’ve always loved Rumi, and have often thought that someday I’ll have the small tattoo on my inner right ankle embellished with a Rumi quote.

Today, I re-read fourteen words that I know will propel me through this crisis we’re all facing, to be strong for my kids and help hold up my friends:

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. ~Rumi

It’s easy to get mired down in all that we’re losing during the coronavirus pandemic. Just in my family alone we’ve experienced the following: job loss…

In Lieu of Caps and Gowns in the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Like many other parents around the country, my heart sank when our governor announced the closing of our schools on Monday for the entire school year.

For my graduating senior, that means no graduation — formal procession, no pomp and circumstance, no walking across the stage and shaking her principal’s hand. She’ll receive her diploma, probably in the mail, and go on about her life.

While not what I envisioned for her, there’s so much more that she’ll gain through this time of social distancing, heightened mindfulness and being stuck…

My husband should be sainted (or at least be given a beer)

A lot of people have asked me lately: “You’re kind of young to have back surgery twice, right?”

The answer is “Umm, hell yes!” and no one is more emphatic on this response than my sweet husband of twenty one years.

His feelings on this are particularly strong because he abhors anything medical including but not limited to: hospitals, needles, visuals of interior body parts and what is so wrong with those parts (such as MRI photos), talking about medical procedures, looking at surgery scars and in general…

One pastor’s cautionary tale vs. one real family’s story

I write stories. Often they’re about transgender topics because there’s a lot of nonsense out there about the transgender community, particularly where it involves transgender children.

Example: a recent Newsweek article noting that a Christian Pastor claims the Coronavirus has been brought upon us because among several terrible reasons, we are transgendering little children!

I am compelled to add here (although it’s clearly not my main point) that transgendering is not even a word.

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I’d be speechless if any parents of transgender children would tell you they’d wish this for their…

Use your voice to push through VA Senate Bill 161 to protect trans kids

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Last Friday morning I parked my car in one of the many garages lining downtown Richmond and stuffed my hands into the soft pockets of my down jacket walking towards 900 East Main Street in the cold gray morning.

Realizing that I’d parked way too far away, I tore off my coat upon entering the building, heated from the long walk and thankful I still had a few minutes before the meeting began at 8:30am. …

What I’m Learning about The Franchise Discovery Process

As a project management/change management consultant by trade, I’m used to being on projects for several months to a year, often involving extensive travel.

I work for a consulting company, but I’m not the “on the bench” sort of consultant which means that I’m only paid when I’m working, so I’ve learned to save and budget for breaks. These in-between times also make me much better at the work because I focus on other interests (like my writing) and spend time with my family, then come back refreshed.

This is context for…

There’s so much work to do

Although my kids have been in school for twelve years now, last month I attended my first school board meeting.

The goal of several parents in our support group attending was to thank the board for allowing a middle school trans female student to use the female locker room and stand in support of several friends speaking on behalf of the transgender/trans parenting community. We wanted to show our appreciation of their inclusive approach and willingness to work with the child’s family.

Initially I was going to speak, as is customary for anyone in…

And He Loves your Trans Kid, too

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When our child came out to us as transgender, one of the many questions looming in my head was: how will our church react?

I’m in a lot of online support groups where, day after day, parents like us are shunned or urged to “try and change their child” so I knew it was a possibility.

When our daughter came out she was thirteen and we had just begun attending a nearby church. …

Thinking of Becoming a Writer? Read this and Arm Yourself my friend.

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Oh, those cranky comments.

No matter how many supportive, positive, thoughtful comments about your writing. . .there’ll likely always be a hater lurking in a corner somewhere.

Maybe they truly disagree with you. Maybe they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Chances are, they’re just an argumentative person by nature.

Either way, they’re going to find their way onto your posts, weaving their angry little words into the lines beneath your hard-fought prose, muffling your intent and ruffling your goosefeathers.

Kate W. Hall

Change Agent. Love is my superpower. Writing a collection of stories about families with trans kids.

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