Bulliyng is just in front you and you cant see it

What a group of kids do can have bad consequences with a live?

When i was on third year , i changed from school ,from distric ,and people .

In my new school i was a partial girl, i hadn’t bff’s neither enemies.

That year was my prom, i was 11 years.

One day i had heard a group of kids were talking obscenities and one of them told really dirty words about his sister,words i don’t want write.

I was really surprised about this , in my last school this never happened, I told to my teacher she hadn¨t done anything ,so I decided to tell to my mom, she told to the parents and teachers in a parents meeting, about the behavior of their kids ,but as always happen they didn’t get this very well,they couldn’t believe their kids had dirty mind.

And hell come over

Apparently, the classmates parents weren’t as Wikilieaks ,they didn’t hide the whistleblowers and kids as always like a really sweetie sweetie cup of candies ,they just cant stay without do anything and they started say me i was a grumbling ( as an insult),and other similar and more insult things i dont know in english .

Obviously the teacher didn’t realize what happened in the classroom everyday,even when I told her ,and my mom ,and the girls and the all days was a cap of Glee.

Apparently, parents weren’t as Wikilieaks ,they didn’t hide the whistleblowers

My unique ally was the girls I think it was because they hadn’t got damage , with my revelation.

One day, they started insult my father’s car, you may think looks like a joke in bad taste to boys laught,but not me, that day i realized this was going really serious.

And like that were my every every day .

I just cried one time . i remember that day, at the morning my mom made me a rose with my hair in a side of my head ,I was happy it was a pretty hair style.

I arrived to school and sat in my desk ,the teacher had separated the desks in two columns, one for girls and the other for boys(i told you, the teacher know it,it was one of her "solutions")the girls liked it my hair ,i was happy ,and boys started his daily-evil-routine.

I don’t know what happened exactly ,i just know i cried a lot, i though in my rose ,the red I was for cry,different ways to kill them , why this happened to me? ,how could i be so stupid to accuse them ?

That was the only day i cried. I always tried to be inmutable and proud.

Any moment any teacher came to me to talk even the psychology.I don’t know if they don’t know or they don’t care ,but i was a lovely student i don’t think that was possible.

I remember i passed a great time with my prom because,I just can’t remember a lot . well, my girld friends have been nice.

I have never realized that was bullying, I saw a lot campaign ,i have never told to my mom or my sister I never thought it was necessary, I just felt a little fear at morning when i was wearing to go to school, and how i united all my courage to go.

I keep all this in a deep Hollow for five years ,i am 16 years now.

I think everybody thought it wasn’t bullying " they are just boys being boys"they might thought.

" they are just boys being boys"they might thought.

Now with mine 16 i see the consequences

When i was 11, I was a proud and secure girl . i don’t know if it was because i was teenager or what happened in that school, but i changed so much .But the next years i:

  • i started to be insecurity
  • i stopped to be the leader
  • I always loved recite, but then i just couldn’t be good like before
  • I never told to my mom anything again
  • Anything happened i fixed alone
  • i never told anything to teachers again ,i never claimed for indiscipline
  • And i tried to like everybody, etc

For years, I saw campaigns against bullying and i never realised i lived that.

I just realized last year and i started to think, i saw all the consequences.And how anybody saw it what it was.

I had lucky, in my next school i have lived my best years of my entire live.

Now i am 16 and i am still being insecure but i try fixe that ,i am developing my leadership skills again,i meditate,i do websites ,in words i am“okey”

But i know i have a little insect in my inside,that appeared with those kids.

By the way i always shamed a little for my father’s cars

Iam like this now

Why anybody (and me) realized?

It wasn’t a big bullying problem, no one was beaten , no suicide attempt .Nobody cares.

I don’t know if it was okey told what i heard to teachers, or if it wasnt okey never hit them.

We see all those campaigns against bullying, we support, we talk about bullying we reject it ,but if we see it in front of our nouses ,a group of kids insult his classmate ,it dont need to listen as an insult ,maybe a joke. the classmate don’t do anything ,she have her back firm, their eyes focus ,but this happens over and over again .

It pass just for a moment in our minds, if that girl is suffering inside?

Will we really do something?

You can see in my blog too, here.

For a happy end ,me as volunteer in CEAH, i am the young chinese
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