Analysis on Small scale business development

Small scale business play a very important role in retail sector. It covers a large section of consumers especially from middle class consumer section. In this article , I share my analysed review on the performance of the small scale business through the case-study on 99P retail stores. We would prepare profile of a small scale business putting down its strengths and weaknesses. This would be accompanies by the comparative analysis on performance measures, advantages and disadvantages of the performance measures. The possible weaknesses of the small scale business would be identified and appropriate actions would be suggested to overcome those weaknesses. Maintaining and strengthening the performance system of 99P stores would be detailed. It will be followed by proper recommendations on how the weaknesses could be overcome by the business development. We would then prepare the assessment on existing business objectives, with a proper review on incorporating appropriate changes to the business. This would be followed by an action plan mentioned to achieve the changes. Impact of the proposed changes on the small scale business and managing the changes must be analysed. This will get signed off with a monitory analysis on the performance of 99 stores over a certain period of time.

Small scale business are a very good way for any businessmen to start a business in a smaller scale and then push towards the higher aspirations. It is very handy in terms of middle class customers and very much accessible and affordable to them. 99P stores have been doing a tremendous job as a small scale business as far as the financial indices are concerned. However, they can improve certain aspects in business. The complexity and strategy implement to improve the performance at a level for small scale business is lesser complex when compared to other businesses. Though improving upon the weaknesses is very important for a small scale business to flourish. Thus, we can conclude that small scale business is a handy way of generating profits with a lesser investment.