5 Ways Millennials are Using to Attend Outside Lands Music Festival for Free

  1. The Sneak-In: While this could be an entire article in and of itself, sneaking in is the the oldest and most commonly used method of getting into the $360 music festival for free. Some common techniques include rushing the entrance gate with the masses, finding gaps in the bushes, and slipping through the cracks of a side entrance. Security has been cracking down in recent years, but it is definitely still doable, and done.
  2. The Stow-Away: While entrance to the festival is monitored extremely heavily, exit is not monitored at all. Festival-goers use the age-old stow away technique that used to be used primarily to get free trips over-seas by stowing-away in the cargo decks of ships. Common spots to conk-out include underneath stages and hidden in the massive shrubbery of Golden Gate Park.
  3. The Bribe: Rumor has it that if you slip security guards some bills at the entrance, they’ll look the other way. However, festival security has been cracking down this year, so in order for this transaction to be effective, boobs, a Rolex, or some other tempting possession may be necessary.
  4. The I-Work-for-a-Startup: So it seems that almost everyone these days has assumed the post-graduation role of douchey, yuppy, software engineer or marketing associate at a startup. As annoying as it may be to everyone around you to constantly hear about the new app you’re developing, the website they NEED to sign up for, or how you get “casual Fridays” and beer at work, this job does have one major perk when festival season roles around.
  5. The “Bumbler:” Bumbler: (ˈbʌmbələr’) one who bumbles. So this tactic is not limited to the recently popularized “ladies message first” dating app Bumble, it can apply to any dating app under the sun: Tinder, Grindr, Jdate, you name it. This method involves 1) making a profile, 2) seducing a mate who qualifies for #4 (see above), and 3) having him/her ask you out on a date… to Outside Lands… with their free ticket. Okay, okay, this is not THAT probable, but it totally happened to me yesterday so I wasn’t going to NOT include it.

***I do not personally condone any of these behaviors, however, I understand the need for music and the lack of revenue. Have fun and be safe friends, and remember not to spend all your money at BeerLands or ChocoLands.