Practical Glamor:

Announcing the Tigerpop website & shop at

Stand out from the expected.

One thing I’ve found a need for in our hum-drum of everyday life is a little sparkle. Something pop-y, something bright or glittery. I try to be that, bring that, inspire that.

Sitting here, I’m trying to think of the best way to describe it, and I came up with the image of a bengal tiger in a hanging wicker egg chair. It’s unexpected, it’s super posh, and it’s a little bit dangerous.

Welcome to Kat Gilpatrick Design/Tigerpop Studios.

The intention of my little enterprise is to add that kind of power element to your space, your house, your office or listing; your Airstream, your Airbnb, your gift list, your sweetheart, your nursery. Even your brand new custom Sprinter.

Art doesn’t need to be out of reach or budget. Art doesn’t have to be overly serious. I like serious art. But I have a budget, and not a lot of wall space, and still want to make an impact when I am arranging my nest or consulting on interiors — custom vintage frame wrapped around a gorgeous custom creation? Yes. Art doesn’t have to be hard to find or buy so that you end up settling for something mass-produced at Ross or Ikea. (I’ve done both when staging, and even in a pinch at home, btw.)

Art can draw you in, make you want to create something yourself. Maybe a new arrangement in your space, a pop of David Bowie color in a white loft, something funky for your cubicle or a maybe you’d like to host a learning lab or Art Lunch — an event you invite your friends to where everyone gets to learn how to do portraits and gets a portrait done, or a specialty class — pole dancing? I don’t know — all that’s up to you.

I can’t help but see composition and color everywhere. I can’t argue with the obsession to then recapture it; to arrange it again to share. That’s Tigerpop. And it’s here. In Art & Projects: Fine art paintings and multi-media pieces, limited edition signed prints, my coloring books. In Services: my for-hire talent, like commissioned pieces, Portrait Parties and events, classes and labs.

My dear friend Paulette singlehandedly built the website using all manner of mystical developer magic, and allowing me full creative license with the front end design. We hope you love it.

Original pieces with a vintage touch but undeniably modern, bright new collections twice a year, openings and shows, labs, pop-ups, coloring book series — etc. — whatever you’re into, stick with us and we’ll sparkle up your every-day. ❤

Coloring books at Tigerpop ( OR

And speaking of coloring books — you can pre-order Albany coloring books for $15 through THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15th — from me directly — or Tigerpop — then they go to $20.

Thanks so much for joining me and the bengal tiger in the hanging egg chair. :)