10 ‘greater than average’ life lessons from tony robbins & other successful humans

image via www.unsplash.com

Why are some people more successful than others? Why do some people get to fly first class, drive Lamborghinis, live in a villa in Santorini, speak in front of an audience of 800 people and start their own charity foundations to build schools or homes for people in countries such as Africa or the Phillipines?

It’s not because they were born rich. Or because their parents were rich.

Here’s why…

The past two days I went to a conference in Melbourne, the ‘National Achiever’s Congress’. It’s a 2-day event where successful entrepreneurs and business owners (including the founder of Sumo Salad, Swisse, a multimillionaire coach, peak performance and personal development expert Tony Robbins, and many more) share their journey and lessons with the audience of 800+ people.

What I learned from these people is that success comes from within. To be successful in life (you define what success looks like for yourself), you have to start with YOU and therefore become aware of your thought patterns.

The speakers transformed my thinking more than once. They also helped me to eliminate my excuses.

Excuses as to why I couldn’t do certain things (including taking my writing more seriously).

Here are the top 10 lessons I learned from this year’s NAC speakers and why they are successful:

1) We live on planet earth. The biggest star near planet earth is the sun. We can fit more than 1.3 million earths into the sun. The biggest star in our solar system called Canis Majoris can fit the sun 9.3 billion times. We live in a solar system of which there are many billions in our Milky Way Galaxy. There are more than 200 billion galaxies in the universe….you have a DNA that’s coded just for you. Your own unique DNA. The very fact that you’re alive proves that your life has a purpose. — Jason Tyne

2) Look at the end (achievement of a goal), before you begin. Does it FEEL right? If not, don’t start. — Kevin Green

3) Making a decision creates direction in your life. And direction creates momentum. So don’t hold off your decision making for too long. — Luke Bayliss (Sumo Salad)

4) Think about what kind of lifestyle you want… and who do you ultimately want to work with (which clients, companies, people)? Which problems do you want to solve? Then start a business around that. — Allison Shreeve (4 times Olympic Gold Wind surfer, turned millionaire entrepreneur)

5) If you don’t charge more for your business services you’re selfish. If you say you’re not good at sales you’re selfish. You’re going to do a better job for your clients if you charge more. And their life is going to change even more if you charge them more (because they are more committed, you try harder, etc). So don’t be afraid to charge premium prices. -Scott Harris

6) Change your beliefs and expectations. ‘Whatever initial belief you have about your ability to do something, a series of events will unfold to demonstrate that this belief is true.’ So you better have positive beliefs — Greg Secker

7) It’s not enough to take action today. You must take massive and immediate action (MAIA). And if you fear to take action, then don’t worry, because 97% of what you fear never comes true anyway. — Aaron Sansoni

8) Set intentions instead of goals. They are more effective because you’re not attached to the outcome, and it’s more sustainable in the long term. They also help you to create a great ‘life culture’. — Libby Babet

9) Live life in a beautiful state. Life is too short to be stressed and think stressful thoughts. Instead develop a curiosity about your stressful thoughts when they arise. And then recognise that your thoughts are NOT YOU. Everyone has similar thoughts as you. Don’t copy their thoughts! Your thoughts are just your mind. And your mind is designed to find things to stress about. So replace them with appreciation, love and gratitude instead. ‘Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life will change.’ — Tony Robbins

10) There are 3 decisions you can make in your life: 1) What to focus on (what you have or what’s missing, what you can or can’t control, the past present or future), 2) The meaning you attach to a certain event. 3) What to do — aka the actions you then take… — Tony Robbins

Which number resonates the most with you? Comment below, I’d love to know. :)