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Like the hourglass
I am entropic:
Sand spills from the top
And sinks to the bottom;
But spun upon my axis, then
All the grains fall down again.


I can be capricious as the sea,
Under control of extrinsic powers
The current below, and the undertow,
And above the winds and showers.

Seeds of Focus

I stomp and trip through the garden
The air is hot; the flowers bright and sweet:
I water them, one at a time -
And often, I nurture the weeds as well
Because I cannot tell the difference.

I could run forever - I…

Photo by Christopher Martyn on Unsplash

Breaking the Cycle

I rise —
And find the world as I left it.
There is work to be done and I do it.
The coffee grows cold and I drink it.
And I drive, and sign in; I sort, and begin:
I study, and score; I tally; report
I probe, and I pace; I type and get paid
I plan, and I serve by eliciting words;
And when the world is finally quiet and seen,
I sigh
And I dream
And I rise —

And find the world as I left it. There is work to be done and…

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

I put it down
(Pick it up)
Gave it away
(Take it back)
I let the nib run dry
(The well is still wet)
And lost my voice
(It’s right here)

And for years, there was silence —
Not a word, not a scratch on the page.
Mute and bound
A life unspoken, unexamined
I did not grow; only aged,
Did not live; only breathed
Rose above it all until I was merely an spectator . . .
And I didn’t suffer;
I felt nothing.

I existed, gazing down, down, down From a world the size of the head of…

The Greatest Evidence of Childhood Success is Not in the Data

Yesterday, my four-and-a-half-year-old son wrote the word “March” on a scrap of paper, and proudly shared it with me. Needless to say, I was amazed and greatly impressed. Entirely independently, he had spelled it out loud, reciting each letter in sequence, and written each character with painstaking care. The “M” was capitalized, the “arch” lowercase (“a” reversed), the size and spacing on point. Without ado, praise was lavished, photos were snapped and sent to relatives, and the fridge was adorned with this evidence of academic rigor and achievement. …

Katharina Bezushko

Power in the pen; Wisdom in the wing. Finding my voice again...

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