SOCIAL MEDIA — why do we need it?


Hey guys! I can’t say it enough: Social Media platforms are our constant companions. Everywhere. But why do we need Facebook, WhatsApp & Co. so much in our lives? Isn’t it really possible without it?

Social Media means permanent accessibility and media presence. A look back in time: I got my first cell phone (NOKIA) about eleven years ago (when I was just 12 years old). 
 I should only use it when something happened — I was able to make phone calls and text messages .The highlight was certainly the game “Snake” which was preinstalled on the phone. Actually, just a beam that wandered and became longer, if it didn’t touch himself. But it was still a real classic game. Earlier, I heard music on a tape recorder or on my CD player.


With the introduction of Web 2.0, everything changed abruptly. Not only the hardware technology but also applications became better and more user-friendly. First, everyone had a profile on MySpace. At the end of the 2000s, everyone logged in on Facebook and other networks like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. And today, everyone is posting: Cute dogs, cats and babies. Holiday and vacations, wedding and party pictures. In between advertising, recommendations and event announcements. Then comments about the weather, relationship status, quotes and sayings. Welcome in the virtual world.

Sometimes I ask myself: do we really need Social Media platforms? The supposed answer: It is comfortable! Everything is faster and easier. Instead of a phone call I can simply use WhatsApp, which saves time. Posting a great experience is more effective than just telling a few people about it. But still, I have to admit: Sometimes I miss the time without Social Media, without WhatsApp, without smartphones. Not always. Sometimes. Because it is important to meet friends and speak to them — without looking at the smartphone all the time.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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