I had been flirting with Computer Programming since 2015 but decided to give my ex-lover Accounting a second chance. I liked coding very much but I could not pursue it as a career for reasons that involved my low self-esteem. Accounting should be easier, I thought, at least I already know its foundations.


It took me two years to turn my back on something *convenient* and I wish I had done it sooner and pursued what I really liked. But it’s okay. I am choosing to see my experiences in those two years as opportunities. I have no room for regrets now and I’m glad that I finally garnered enough motivation to start this journey this year.

It all started in March 2017 when I enrolled in Hackbright’s prep-course where I experienced pair-programming for the first time and created a modified Deal or No Deal game in Python (try it, it’s fun!).

No, this is not it.
Now this, was my final project.

The entire process of solving chunks of coding problems is what I loved the most. I think about solving so much that I even do it in my dreams. I was so motivated and excited to improve my skills and I could not find any reason as to why I should not be a Software Engineer. It only felt natural to join a coding bootcamp after the program.

So, I took the plunge! After spending weeks of deciding where, in the end I took the one that would cost me less without sacrificing the quality of instruction. Plus, I get to keep my day job.

Actualize (Online) teaches JavaScript for front-end and Ruby on Rails for back-end. Although the program is part-time and online, it’s like no other as it has structure and it gives us more accountability than a regular online course. We have a regular class schedule (M-Th 6 to 9:30 PM, Sun 9 AM to 5 PM) where I get to see the faces of my classmates, TAs, and instructor on my computer screen. So it feels like being in a real classroom, minus the classroom.

As for the quality of instruction, let’s just say that I can confidently create a simple web application just two weeks in. I have learned so much — from HTML to RoR — considering that we only meet 21 hours a week. Dani, our instructor, is so good at explaining difficult concepts and answering questions we can’t even properly formulate.

In conclusion, I am so happy I made this decision.