In a world full of chaos and death who will save the U.S.? This year the presidential election was full of charlatans. On one hand we had a pathological liar who killed many soldiers and civilians, on the other hand we had an ignorant business man who swears money will fix all. None of our presidential nominees actually care about the regular people in the U.S that actually make it run. The U.S has since elected the greedy businessman who has reneged on all the promises he made to protect the working class citizen. Now the question is who will protect the laborers, retail employees, the helpers and other lower class workers that are being negatively affected directly by his election. The answer is simple. The people of the U.S. have to step up and take action. The people are unaware of the power they actually hold. American citizens are blinded by fear because of the government and the consequences of speaking out. Together the American people can be a force to take seriously. The American people have to make a collaborative plan to resurrect what was once considered the world’s unchallenged superpower. A plan to reform health care, education, and Americas finances that all American citizens agree with has to be made. The U.S. has the most powerful military in the world yet it is being mocked and attacked by many countries in the Middle East, Germany, and Russia. Armed U.S soldiers are being slaughtered by men, women, and children in poor areas of the world via bombs and bullets yet nothing is changing.

Obviously the U.S. is no longer feared or considered as strong as the media and government portrays the U.S. Instead of continuing to allow the government to Strong arm their way to the top and failing why don’t the people of this country take a stand for what is right. There are many cases of the failed attempts and consequences the U.S. has caused with its shoot first and ask questions later method.

One of the biggest failed methods of defense in the U.S. we have is called Nuclear deterrence. Nuclear deterrence is a war strategy that was put in place during the Cold War. The U.S. built a stockpile of nuclear weapons in order to project the image that they are not afraid and are strong. In reality all the stockpile did was antagonize other countries. Instead of making the enemy fear attacking the U.S., the stockpile caused a giant bullseye to appear on the figurative back of America. Since the cold war there have been many attacks against the U.S. There have been many attacks and deaths and no amount of nuclear weapons has deterred that from happening. What use is it to invest millions of dollars in a military that is not actually stopping death from occurring? Why not use the same millions of dollars to fix all the things that is wrong with the U.S.?

The U.S runs to intervene in wars in other countries but cannot even adequately protect their own land appropriately. It is time for the regular people of the U.S to take control of their land and demand proper action to rectify all the wrong that is occurring in this time and day. All the poverty, hunger and violence needs to be addressed on the home turf first. How can the U.S possibly save other countries when it is in such bad shape? The day the American populous joins together as a collaborative team with the same ideas and goals that good health, nutrition, and finances is more important than war is when the U.S. will be saved.