The Great Baby Bust of 2017
Lyman Stone

Its simple economics for most families. Two incomes are needed to raise a family in most cases. With two people working, you need to send the kids to daycare and the average day care costs are 17000 for an infant in my state. I know a family that pays 4k a month in daycare costs for 3 kids. How many people can afford nearly 50k a year in childcare? People are spacing them out and having fewer because of daycare costs. If you could deduct the full cost of daycare from your income that would help. This was I think Ivanka Trump’s idea but nothing ever came of it. Instead families with more than multiple are in most cases getting affected negatively on this new tax plan. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it falls even further. At least we have immigration to make up the numbers in the meantime. Unless they get rid of that too and then we can look to Japan to see what the effects will be. They are a country with practically no immigration and a low birth rate for a long time. Soon their population will be decreasing dramatically and we can see exactly what will happen, will it doom the economy or no?