Super Bowl Stories

I think Super Bowl Ads are some of the most effect in telling stories because they are meant to entertain and sell a product at a time when millions of people are glued to their TV screens.

In this ad, a dad is trying to explain to his son the age-old question of “Where do babies come from?”. The dad explains to the son that babies are delivered from space from a far away planet, only to hear that the son has learned from his friend otherwise. The target audience for this ad would be young families and it is intended to be humorous. The product (being the car) is seen in the beginning of the ad as the setting of where the family is, but the entire view of the car is not shown until later in the ad. It isn’t until the very end of the ad when we find out the name of the car being shown. The ad is very effective in that it tells a story that most of us are familiar with but puts a humorous spin on the idea that babies are from space. The interesting aspect about this story is that the climax doesn’t come until the boy tells his dad that his friend Jake has told him that babies come from mommies and daddies.

On the other hand, this Chevy commercial features the story of a man, his truck, and a bull on a mission for love. In the commercial the man is seen purchasing a bull, loading him into a trailer and taking him on a journey to the farm where he finally sees all the eligible cow bachelorettes, and he finds romance. The ads target audience is men, I would say specifically farmers, who would be interested in buying a truck to pull trailers. The ad has a humorous tone that attracts viewers. The company is almost immediately identified in the ad by the narrator saying, “A man, and his truck”. This attracts the viewers attention to the truck and almost tries to make the truck a character in the story. The ad sufficiently tells the story of the bull on his journey to find love, where the man and the truck play supporting roles. The climax of the story is when the bull is released from the trailer and he sees his new home with all the cow-ladies.

Comparing the two ads, I think the Kia ad has a better narrative and tells a better story. I think the Kia ad is more relevant to a wider audience and is more relatable in general. The Kia ad feels is interesting with bright colors and visuals, while the Chevy ad feels like it takes a while to build up the story. I think the Kia ad is more shareable because it doesn’t necessarily feel like an ad until the very end where the car is shown, where the Chevy ad is very clearly a car ad and the truck is highly featured throughout the ad. While they are both good stories and are entertaining, when comparing the two, the Kia ad is the clear storytelling winner.

In any ad, when telling a story, if you are going to make your product part of the story it has to be effective in a way that works. The Chevy ad seemed like the truck was a supportive role that dropped off half-way through and didn’t feel genuine. Creating an effective story has to be relatable and when you are broadcasting to as many as you are at the Super Bowl, it has to also be memorable.