Is the Internet Worth it?

The fact that there is a controversy over whether or not the internet has impacted society negatively or positively perfectly sums up the internet. The internet is full of controversy. There are conflicting ideas and people debating everywhere you look. Additionally, there has been a plethora of mediums created which facilitate controversial conversations. While the internet may expose a number of conflicts, or even make it easier for some conflicts to occur, the benefits outweigh the negative outcomes.

In the last decade, social media seems to have taken over our world. On any given day, you can log onto Twitter and see people engaging in conversation. There may be one tweet with hundreds of responses that include strangers arguing with each other. Twitter enables people to interact with people from all across the world, regardless of language or location. This allows us to expand our community. It allows us to hear ideas from thousands of people and hundreds of places, in minutes. Regardless of the content of the conversation, these interactions are valuable.

The content you can find on the internet is debatably limitless. With this, you are sure to find not only frivolous discourse, but also hateful conversation. I am not saying every interaction you see on the internet will be positive, or even interesting, but it creates dialogue. Great controversy creates great conversation. The internet allows for people with different or conflicting ideologies to converse. While the topic of discussion may include which restaurant has the best cheeseburger or which celebrity wore a dress better, more people are talking to each other than ever before. There are plenty of conversations going on that are intellectual, relevant, and meaningful. In light of the recent election, the internet was one of the most common ways individuals chose to voice their opinion. A facebook post, tweet, or instagram can spark a conversation unlike any classroom debate or dinner table discussion. People who may have otherwise felt alone in their opinions could connect with others who share their ideas. If someone came from an area of homogeneity, where many people shared the same beliefs, they may have been able to look deeper into their ideas. Seeing a differing opinion makes you look at your beliefs, and decide if you are going to defend it or concede. The open dialogue that the internet provides facilitates this type of conversation.

Controversy and conversation go hand in hand. There isn’t a shortage of people willing to share their opinions; however, there may have been limited methods to do so. Being able to learn from others, discuss with a variety of people, and share your ideas has limitless value. The internet has created an effective way to participate in global conversation. Because of this, the positive impact the internet has had on society surpasses any negative side effects.