Chasing away quarantine scaries with the undeniable cheer of candy

photo by author

My favorite thing about any given holiday is the opportunity to buy its correspondingly themed candy on sale the next day at the drugstore. It combines what was my favorite part of holidays as a kid with the best part of being an adult: candy and autonomy, respectively.

Which touches upon the strange way I’m feeling these days in quarantine. I’m somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, where restrictions and responsibilities intersect with the Twilight Zone.

I know it’s May, but I’m still wondering what happened to Easter this year. I’m relatively certain it was last month, which was definitely…

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

The bedroom floor is a sickly green with a pattern that runs through it like a trichinella worm. You are in the bed, wild-eyed and screaming towards the closet, “What are you doing in there!” and “Why are you here?” I’m having a hard time knowing if you are hollering at me, or the visitor. “Open that up!” “What do you want?” “Let him out!” “Come on out of there!” You command from your side of the bed. A place that has been yours for nearly one hundred years.

I open the closet door, close the closet door, move purses…


Cooker, baker, amateur pottery maker. CIA graduate (culinary arts & applied food studies) Topics: Food. Anxiety. Grief. Dogs. blog:

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