Debugging — Correcting Errors

Coding is challenging, I’ve tried it, and I knew what it’s like. Experiencing coding is really fun and interesting, there are many codes that you can use to animate a character or make animations with. In computer class, we played coding games on both laptops and on papers. The website we went on was called, it’s a cool website with coding games for beginners to play with.

Last class, we did a little relay race on coding and debugging. The activity goes like this: Our class divides into two groups, the teacher passes out two pieces of paper — one with the imaged result of the program, and another for us to code with. The first person of each team would write down the first code, and the second person would debug the previous code and write down their own. This process would go on and on until the code has the same result as the image. Each team finished 6 programs in total, we didn’t win, but group work sure is fun.

The day after, we worked on some debugging games on, there were some levels that were really easy, but some may need quite a lot of thinking. We helped each other on the problems we were stuck on, and had a fun experience.

Debugging isn’t hard, but you do have to check your codes carefully, because one tiny mistake may lead to a big fat error! So next time when you code, try your best to not make an mistake, but if you do, that’s okay, ’cause as long as you’re human, you’ll make mistakes. Just make sure that you correct them, since the computer isn’t as smart as you think.

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