The Future is Without Apps
Donny Reynolds

Apps are not going away anytime soon! According to ComScore, consumers spend 90% in mobile apps and only 10% in mobile sites Although the majority of us spend most of our time in 1–10 apps, (like FB, Instagram, Google Maps, etc) companies still have the opportunity to drive better app engagement and mobile commerce, if they have in place a mobile marketing automation solution which enables 1 on 1 engagement with users though mobile assets (rich messages, push messages, videos, surveys, polls, loyalty points, coupons, 3D product spins, and leverage mobile engagement with location tools like beacons, geo-fencing, weather forecasting, etc). I’d like to add what James wrote, that push delivery and app notifications can better the experience for the use, but it really depends on how the brand is managing their customer data both inside and outside the app, and how they’re engaging them with the right offer/asset, content, context, etc. I think the next game changer is rather, mobile marketing automation and mobile engagement solutions. Enterprise brand are already starting to scratch the surface with these new technologies. So although you made your point with app search/app Streaming, On-Demand Apps, or the Mobile Web, there is so much more to it.

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