E-Mail? or DM?

How do you communicate? Are you a caller? What about being a texter? Do you send detailed e-mails? Do you slide into someone DM’S? What about a snapchat chat on Snapchat? What is the method to your madness? I’d say utilize whatever method that best fits you! Being a 20 something, means my from of communication can range from snail mail all the way to DMing someone on Instagram. When it comes to communicating with important people, like say contacting my professor, I’ll take any way I can get. Who doesn’t want the quickest most efficient response? Let’s get down to discussing why utilizing social media is beneficial in school. 
This semester is the first real semester I’ve ever had my professor utter the sentence “follow me on Twitter…” or other various social media platforms. I didn’t just hear it from one professor but two! Which for me even hearing those words spoken shocked me. While I don’t mind the extra follower I was most certainly confused with the motive. When it comes to communicating with your professor, we all know it’s the hardest thing. The method of e-mail is dated, if were being more honest I am one of multiple e-mails coming into that in-box, and I am sure I am not your highest concern. I’ll be realistic, and say that most of the time when I e-mail my professors it’s a wish and prayer for a response. Yes, I’ve accepted that most of the time they are skimmed and scanned and then deleted. What is nice now though is that they are utilizing what most 20 something’s have been using to communicate with for what seems like forever now.
We started with “follow me on Twitter”, while my first thought was I can no longer tweet about the work I have do for this class, my second thought was how nice it’s going to be to just slide into their DM’s with a question, and now DM’s work like IMessages, I can tell that they have at least read and received my message. Nothing has made this semester easier then DMing, my professor a question, but why have us utilize this platform If you no intentions on actually responding and interacting with us? This coming from an active college student being able to get ahold of your professor and getting a response is extremely beneficial. I don’t expect a retweet or an answer to my poll questions but I would like to know, if you’ve gotten my message and would like you to generate an answer. Another perk to being on Twitter is they can update our in class assignments, my professor even updates us on his ETA, yes his estimated time of arrival to class. The last perk to Twitter that makes it beneficial is that getting to know someone via their social media feed it allows you to actually get to know your students. What makes it funny is that my professor will refer to us at our “@” names, which makes me feel more than just another student.
While Twitter is a beneficial my professors have incorporated other various technology into the class room. There are a couple I really enjoy but what I like the most, is Facebook Live, incorporating that into the class room is very advanced. Plus when missing class, you can catch the video later, and recap what was done. Instead of a professor getting the question they all dread “what did I miss?” they can just direct them to Facebook Live. Another perk of utilizing Facebook Live is sending out mass messages, by going live. What I would assume professors like about this is that they can see who’s watching the live video, they can also see the questions in the connect section.
Another program that I really like that my professor just started using is a texting app, it allows him to send out a text message to the whole class on updates. It’s frustrating when my professor says “didn’t you check your e-mail?” … while I take responsibility in saying I should check my e-mail’s more frequently I don’t. I do indeed think the text messages is really advanced, everyone gets text, checks text, and sends text, how nice is it to get a text from your professor? I’ll tell you this, it’s pretty nice! 
It’s the 21st century so embracing change is just going to start happening. I think what’s so important, is coming of age, its professors embracing what is commonly used and connecting better with their students is what will make them get better rating on ratemyprofessor.com along with better in class interaction. Using various social media platforms has really embraced technology in the classroom, along with making the communication between professor and student easier. So the next time you’ve got a question, slide into your professor’s DM’s.