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Manifestation? Crazy “Mumbo-Jumbo” or Helpful Technique?

Katherine Dedul
May 3 · 4 min read

Did you know can use your thoughts to create whatever the heck you want??? Sign me up.

I stumbled on this one night binging on youtube videos. My most recent relationship had ended (being dumped sucks by the way) and I was in the wallowing and feeling miserable about myself stage and ultimately decided to give it a try. I didn’t have much to lose at this point right?

So I implemented the idea of the law of attraction, that everything in the universe is you pushed out and vowed to follow it as much as I could for 30 days. For more information, my two favorite youtube channels are Eric Ho and Create Your Future, mainly because they advocate simplicity. Eric is much more spiritual than Amanda, but I find neither is talking about anything super crazy or really “out there.” There are tons of coaches and online gurus on YouTube though (and online in general), so I recommend finding someone that speaks to you personally.

Here’s what I noticed after my month of manifestation.

Less Negativity & Stress

It takes time and sometimes a few repeats of the switched language, but it helps. My negative self-talk was a habit, and it still is to some extent, but by actively seeking to change it, it is getting loads better, and I find I’m less likely to stress about things that used to keep me up at night. It’s a simple thing to do, hard to make a habit out of it, but it does work.

Better Emotional Management

Since I’ve started this manifestation and law of attraction work, I’ve found that I’m able to receive this advice with a grain of salt and it doesn’t bother me as much. Oh, there are days where I struggle, but since implementing these principles, I find that I let the unsolicited advice bother me less.

It’s Kinda Fun To “Script”

Scripting is perfect for my stress level. I had a client discovery call (my first), and I was nervous as heck before it. Instead of focusing on my nerves, I scripted what I would be thinking, feeling, doing, if I already had the project from this client. I didn’t get the job, but I felt confident during and after that call. I felt like I did everything I could to get that job and I’ll continue to script with every discovery call or interview going forward.

Your Brain Likes Patterns

When you visually think about what you want, getting extremely specific, your brain is going to start to point out things that relate to that for you and start proposing solutions to get that result. I like to think of it as helping my brain cut through the insane amount of noise we get daily!

Final Thoughts

At the bare minimum, it’s a huge sanity saver, and to me, it’s worth the effort in that regard. Even if I never feel as though I’ve manifested anything, it has drastically cut down on my nasty habit of renumerating stressful situations. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available to you daily. Manifestation techniques can help you laser focus on the information that will matter most to you and discard the rest.

To anyone curious about it, my advice is to give it a try for just 30 days and evaluate how you feel at the end. What have you got to lose?

Now if I could only convince my pessimistic father to give this stuff a try…

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