Woman stand UP!

Ok so there’s plenty of discrimination that goes on around the world, but why don’t many people speak about discrimination towards women? It may seem like that doesn’t even exist anymore, but trust me it does. There’s jobs where men get payed MORE than a women, but they do the SAME job. Or times when a female is turned down on a job because the position is only for a “man”. That’s just some fucked up shit. Women run the world. Like without us, who would be having the babies? How would yall men even be here? It’s so much disrespect that goes on around the world towards females. In other countires around the world, young girls around the age of 13–16 are forced to get married to an older man because they’re families sell them off so they can get money in return. Wtf type shit is that. We can’t keep letting stuff like that happen. People need to realize it more discrimination going on around the world, then just race. Gender discrimination exists!! So my ladies keep ya head up, and don’t let nobody and i mean NOBODY stop you from grinding and being successful in life. Some men don’t like it but so tf what, we need to be independent!!


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