Twentysomething’s stop bs’n!!!!

Many of us in here right now are barely entering or already are in our 20’s. This is the beginning of our lives, we’re not little kids anymore and sadly its time for us to grow tf up and start planning our futures. This lady named Meg Jay, thinks that by our 30’s we should already know who we want to be with, where we wanna work and where we wanna live. And I honestly agree with her! I see so many people that are in there 30’s and 40’s who dont do shit with their lives because they are still trying to live like they are 20 years old. LIFE IS SHORT! Stop bs’n and start planning your life out. Start dating and meet people. You have 10 years so you have plenty of time to think wisely about your choices. Trust me you don’t want to be that sorry ass friend who is always regretting everything about their lives when they are 50 years old. SO please start doing what you have to do, and worry about turning up and shit after you have your life settled!

I just thought this was pretty interesting, the different mindset of a 20 & 30 year old
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