A Friend Indeed Is ALC!


I found the true meaning of a friend @Andela_Learning_Community. Should I be talking about my awesome journey as a learner at ALC Android Beginner track or as being part of community? Oh yes! I feel the community was the best part of ALC for me. But who is a friend indeed?

We believe the best investment you can make is in people. Chimdindu Aneke

I started ALC with all the excitement of venturing into the world of Android programming, little did I know the gift it was coming with.It turned out to be not only about programming but also a big family with people from diverse backgrounds and regions; Kenya and Nigeria. Slack became a home where we would all catch up and the excitement could be felt from behind the keyboard. We would chat about our progress, bugs, successful debugs and at times talk about the two different countries. I made virtual friends, a virtual community that the keyboard kept us always in touch.

The Udacity team!! The udacity classroom was always lit with the tutors Lyla Fujiwara, @kunal chwala and Katherine Kuan. They are funny, super amazing and they make learning Android very fun. I felt like an android expert during lesson 1. I’d always advice one to use Udacity for online learning incase you easily get bored with tutorials. The tutors can maintain your attention for longer hours and they teach best! I learnt purely java and Android beginner track, I went further to learn more on github and firebase.

Back to my amazing experience with the Andela Learning Community.

Communities are important. They are the bedrock that glues together shared beliefs, a common passion, and a sense of belonging. This helps everyone work together towards their personal or communal goals. @Billy Le
Coffee after coding….group photos by the ocean…what a priviledge!!!

During ALC Coast Region meet up 1.0, I met some of the team members; @sydneyhillary, @collins ,@susanwere, T.Vinnie just to mention a few. I was very excited to meet the guys who had been helping me out on slack and also network with them. And as the ALC team say, You could meet your future co-founder in a meet up. All the meet ups were one of a kind and I could never afford to miss any. Teams from Voi and Kilifi tried their best to attend despite the distance and these guys were my daily motivation to always treasure the community. The program assistant, ALC Coast Region Mercy cheruto would always remind us to collaborate and the facilitators Dennis Onkangi and @Isaackyalo would always introduce us to new concepts and made learning android feel so easy.

With the “bugs”? This is a friend indeed.

Honestly, learning android didn’t start out smooth from installation, to dealing with the missing packages to get android studio ready. I made a number of friends from both kenya and nigeria through asking frequent questions and helping others solve their issues.

But with the all time ready to help team from ALC: mentors, learners and facilitators one would never stop at a bug/error! The entire time I as a learner I could not tell the difference between the ALC team members.

I’d love to recognize and appreciate @Jumaallan the author of Android Study as he was and still is the most active mentor. My coding experience has been amazing with him as he was always available. There was a point I felt I am nagging him since I rarely checked up on him not until I had bugs and thats when I would hit him up anytime(until midnight to wee hours) for solutions and without much ado we would both work on the bug until my code works well.

Team AB-87 was yet another amazing team with whom we worked together on the new years challenge. I came to learn the importance of accountability and without a team or a community, accountability would never make sense. In a team, “my success is your success” and so we’ve got to ensure everyone makes it and does their best.

Finally, It is said that life does not end when we stop thinking but it ends when we stop sharing. This means that we should always share. There are alot of things that we can’t share with everyone , not even family and at such situations what we normally do is share with friends, the community around you that helps you learn, grow and most of all build a firm network.

My advice to anyone who wants to start learning programming and doesn’t know where to start from or rather the language, “ Find a tech-driven community around or near you, learn together which ever the programming language they are learning and you will learn alot more than learning by yourself.” But don’t forget You Own Your Own Learning and Leaves don’t germinate.

A big thank you to @googleafrica, Google Developers, Andela, Udacity, our amazing PA Coast Region Mercy cheruto, facilitators(Dennis Onkangi and Isaac Kyalo) and all who made ALC 2.0 a success. Cheers!

Andela Learning Community.