Day 1 Bootcamp all female

The day started all fine. I was so anxious about and excited at the same time. Learning core programming proved to be tough but here at Andela i had to plus learning Test driven Develepment(TDD). I have always programmed without writing a single line of test codes. Actually, I thought that writing tests were a waste of time until I started bootcamp at Andela. TDD is basically is the process of implementing code by writing your tests first, seeing them fail, then writing the code to make the tests pass. You can then build upon this developed code by appropriately altering your test to expect the outcome of additional functionality, then writing the code to make it pass again.Below is a sample of a simple calculator code and its test that i managed to put TDD in practise.

simple calculator code and its test

Second, It was all about github: it is a version control system used to store codes. Other examples of version control system include bitbucket. Below are images of creating new repository and my profile including repositories i created and pushed codes to the them.Process of pushing codes:

git clone url_of_the _repository, copy files to the folder you cloned, git status(check what new is in the folder), git add . (add all new files), git commit -m “message about the file ”, git push origin master(pushes codes to the repository on your github account), this will ask for your github account name and password. And you are done!

In the afternoon, we had a Growth Mindset set talk. Thats a the main rule of life: if you want to make it, you got to change your attitude and possess values such as passion(driving force within you), integrity(be accountable for what you do), let excellence be your motto and among others be positive.

I didn’t expect the day to end in the most challenging way. Trying to complete assignments before time and pushing the codes to github, but it got me out of the comfort zone. Day well spent.

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