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By Katherine Cheng and Jerome Lizambard

A tweet falsely claiming that “Chinese invaders are selling Uyghur children to each other and negotiating the price” circulated starting Oct.18, 2020.

In the accompanying video, a man seems to be inspecting the face of a smiling young girl, while audio can be heard of two men bargaining in Mandarin Chinese.

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A screenshot of the tweet with a video showing a young girl’s features being inspected, with audio of two men bargaining.

The video has gathered over 111,000 views, with the post retweeted 2,000 times. The same claim can also be seen here.

However, the claim is false. This video has been manipulated.

The audio is a truncated version of a Douyin video featuring two men bargaining over products being sold on the street, which has been added to an unrelated video of a young child model. …


Katherine Cheng

Katherine is a documentary photographer from Canada and a current student of the Master of Journalism programme at the University of Hong Kong.