What Jake Appelbaum did to me
Nick Farr

I am sure Nick you are an amazing person, and a truly wonderful organizer and Emcee person in fact I am pretty sure, that you do a great job of balancing events and are one of those who don’t do a prejudice thing. What has amazed me about reading about the ‘hacker’ community is how many geniuses there are out there with amazing courage and tenacity. And knowing how ‘creative’ people also have a vulnerable side, (i.e. We suffer psychologically on occasions, and some suffer depressive disorders… bipolar types etc. ) that you perhaps should not have taken it ‘all in’.. I mean I think you are not to blame for when people with big egos have their go. Jake Appelbaum to my knowledge was indeed an ascending star seeking his own platform. But, in his defense, and it is only that having observed a few of the same type as he, they all seem to come from very hard backgrounds where they have been forced to survive on their wits. Obviously, sometimes that probably appears like bad manners to those who are more fortunate to have stable upbringings a la middle class’dom. It is awful to feel that the good that is the right part about Jake’s work his articulate ability in particular to put points of view across is now becoming under threat or criticism of a deep nature. Pride comes before a fall as the saying goes, but I am pretty sure you don’t really wish to be a nail in a coffin of the fame game. Perhaps it will be a point of time when Jake might get a chance to acknowledge influences and also see where he may well have by accident plagiarized. It would be great that instead of bear bating, that the hacker community might do a different thing and let everyone talk more productively to better be understood. If he had plagiarized those individuals need to produce some written proof of this happening by publishing their own work in their own names. I have found a fantastic site for creative writing of any nature with the natural marketing ability of amazon.com the website enables a person for free just upload the title and so on… www.createspace.com it’s a fantastic thing. Why not encourage the people who feel dissuaded to get their ideas up and out to the world community.. I love reading about this material. There is plenty of need for the public globally to understand encryption methods to help themselves, to stay private. I wholly salute your efforts to be fair. I know it otherwise looks like a kind of ‘bitching’ effort when you see everyone having a go at just the one speaker. Love and Blessings on all our techno projects.

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