5 Tips to Taste Success as Cricket Captain

Cricket is a game that is beyond just the bat and ball. It is a game that involves a lot of passive aggression. Since cricket is considered to be a gentlemen’s game, players cannot show direct aggression. That’s not all, there also needs to be the right team spirit and plotting the right strategy to win the game. In order to have these in the right places, you cannot expect all players to come together with their own idea. Ideas are definitely welcomed but it does not imply that all their ideas will be executed. Considering we are all aware of the phrase that too many cooks spoil the broth. Plotting strategies and bringing right talent into the team mostly rests on the broad shoulders of the captain.

Everybody loves to taste success and captain is no different. This implies that they need to improve their captaincy skills. In case you are caught unaware about the traits that a captain needs to develop, then let us help you figure those out.

Show Passive Aggression and Instil the Same

Aggression is a key element to win a game. But cricket is a gentlemen’s game which does not encourage any form of aggression. That is when captains encourage players to exhibit passive aggression so that it motivates players to win.

Strategise As Per Your Opponents Weaknesses

All players have their fair share of weaknesses. It is important that you spot the weakness of your opponents and focus on those areas. So remember to build your strategy as per the weaknesses they have. Depending on your opponents you can have a strong batting order or bowling order. The good news is, there is an abundance of good high quality balls and cricket bats for sale in some of the well reputed stores.

Never Encourage Dressing Room Politics

Politics has paved way in almost all areas. Little do people realise that politics tend to make relationships extremely toxic. The main agenda is to play well, help team members and have fun. But that does not happen when way too much of importance is given to politics. Thus, it is the responsibility of the captain to make sure that there is no room for politics at all. Team captain also needs to make sure that people come together for the common love for the game.

Encourage Team Members to Come Up With Suggestion

No doubt that it is upon the team captain to come up with strategies and plans to build that perfect match winning team. But this does not mean that they will not encourage other players to come up with ideas. All ideas are good and must be listened to with great attention. This will also motivate players to feel important and an integral part of the team.

Build Your Team

It is solely the captain’s responsibility to build the team and celebrate victory as well as losing together. Building a team comes with motivating them and encouraging them to have one common goal — to win. This goes a long way in helping them become a great team.

Captain of a cricket team has the most influencing and powerful job. Not only does he need to take care of his cricket skills, but he needs to inculcate the same among players. Team building depends completely on team captain and it is upon him to make players a team.

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