Churidaar — The Most Comfortable Indian Attire

Churidaar is widely known as a type of trouser worn by Indian women and men. Be it a casual or a party wear, this form of Indian trouser is the most preferred apparel teamed up with the right kurti or kurta. Considered as the most comfortable wear of all, churidaar comes in distinctive styles and designs in the market. Easy to wear as it has an adjustable drawstring and is both baggy and loose at the top until you taper down into a perfect fitting. The length of this pant is generally longer than the leg, combined with a perfect tight fitting right below the knee resulting in bunched up folds. Now these bunched up folds actually resemble ‘chooris’ or Indian bangles, from where the name was discovered ‘churidaar’.

Also called churidaar pajama, this trouser is mostly worn with a long kurta or kameez and a matching dupatta. Did you know that the apparel has its origin in North India? However, if you follow today’s fashion, you will find churidaars are now the haute fashion items preferred by women of all ages across the world. In fact, when foreigners come down to India, they are seen adorning themselves with churidaars and kurti/kurta. Of course hats off to the designers who come up with amazing ideas and styles when designing such outfits.

Know About the Popularity

This Indian outfit has its own charm and its beautiful fitting, drapes a woman’s figure perfectly by emphasizing her curves in an appealing and modest manner. If you browse the internet or watch television, you will find that the churidaars are on high demand for its comfort and style. In fact, from ramps, red carpets to television shows, fashion magazines to movies, you will find this outfit everywhere.

Now, this huge demand is mostly due to the Anarkali outfit that is worn with churidaars in every occasion. Anrkali suits are Mughal inspired regal looking outfits that make a woman look outstandingly beautiful. Usually, Churidaar designs particularly suit slim & trim figures, but if it is teamed up with long kameez then even the curvier or hefty body types will look good as well. In fact, churidaars have an added advantage of being both easy and comfortable when worn.

Swanvi Store — The Hub for Fashionable Churidaars

Today, there are a wide variety of churidaars available in the market. It would entirely depend on your event, on which you will decide the type of churidaar you would take. For your reference, you can certainly browse the Swanvi store and decide upon your choice. Say for example, if you are going to an event and want to flaunt your designer or fashionable kurti in a proper way, then choosing a casual churidaar will be good idea. In that case, try the Teal Green Casual churidaar matching your kameez and see how beautiful you look.

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