Emma Watson and Feminism

Beauty and the Beast was just released this month and audiences are already making it one of the top ranking movies of 2017. Which makes sense, Hermione is playing the best Disney Princess created, what could be better than that? The moving was well done, following closely with the original, but a few unique twists here and there. For a live-action remake, it definitely was well done.

Although Emma Watson is very talented, her skills don’t begin and end with acting. Watson is also an incredible feminist role model for young women, a speaker for the Model UN, and a strong advocate for human rights. Watson Uses her role in the public eye to shine a light on oppression and fight for equality.

“I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me,” Watson said. “But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Apparently I am among the ranks of women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive, isolating, anti-men, and unattractive.”

It’s a complete misconception that being a feminist automatically means being against the male gender. There are some extremists — as with any group- that certainly perpetuate this kind of misconception. But it’s not fact. Most women are sometimes intimidated by the idea of even revealing themselves as feminists because it is intimidating to most individuals. However, despite the stereotyping, feminists do not hate men.

In fact, feminism isn’t just for the advocacy of women, but for men as well. Women are not the only ones who suffer from a patriarchal society. Since sexism supports masculinity as a priority for men, it often makes it so expressing feelings is looked down on by peers because to them, men need to be tough, burly, and not showing their emotion.

There is also the issue of rape culture. Although women being the victims of sexual assault crimes is more common, there are many men who have suffered though rape as well. Often those men feel unable to come forward and talk about what happened. If they were assaulted by a man, then the victim may be harassed and called homophobic names, and if a woman was the person who forced them, then the cases are often not taken very seriously. In a society where the genders are equal, both men and women would be able to come forward and talk openly about assault and the effects. It also would make a large impact on rape culture altogether. If women are viewed as human beings rather than objects, then men will feel less as if they have a right so someone else’s body.

The word feminism is often seen as too aggressive of a word. Many individuals refuse to call themselves a feminist because = of a fear of intimidating others. However, as Emma Watson has pointed out time and time again, how can anyone expect men to start accepting the word — accepting the changes — if women are still refusing to accept in themselves. It’s important to embrace feminism and the important role it plays in our current society. Both men and women need to start making a change and move forward into a generation of equality.

Emma Watson took lot of criticism for posing for a magazine partially nude. Many were saying she was a “bad feminist” because of it. However, its the exact opposite. Emma Watson is a powerful woman and part of that role means taking control of your own body and sexuality. She chose to pose in a magazine that is mainly for women anyway, so anyone who claimed she did it for male attention must not realize the amount of straight men who read vogue is very slim. Its completely outrageous how people try to tear her down and erase all the work she has done, over a photo. It proves even more how much feminism is needed and just how important women like Emma Watson are.

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