Why Bernie Sanders Was the Male Feminist We All Needed

He Cares about the reproductive rights and health of women.

Getting rid of Planned Parenthood does not stop abortions. Making them illegal also does not stop them. Instead it forces women who are desperate into a position where they may end up hurting themselves physically and emotionally. Whether someone is pro-choice or pro-life, there solution is not to ban abortions . The Government should not be allowed the power to dictate women’s health or how their bodies are going to be treated. Although anyone who may oppose abortion has the right to their opinion, they should still care for the woman going through the difficult situation. Sometimes people are so focused on the life of a fetus, they forget to consider the life of the woman carrying it. Bernie Sanders Stood up for women and gave a voice to those who have been silenced in these situations.

Because he cares about the well-being and treatment of both genders.

Domestic violence, sexual assault/rape/abuse are all topics that most people think are better left not discussed. it’s not yet socially acceptable to talk openly about the suffering most women go through. it’s getting better and society is becoming for supportive of victims. However we still live in a time where victim blaming is very really and lots of women do not come forward because of this. It can be terrifying to stand against a man and accuse him of abuse in a society that is still predominantly a male-dominated society.

There is no losing side when all minorities and majorities stand together in love and support. There is no oppression or fighting if all races, genders, and sexuality stand together against a flawed social system that teaches individuals hate and privilege as a necessity for life. During his campaign, Sanders was able to show how much better it would be if humans could come together and not tear down one another. His words have inspired a lot of people who will hopefully keep pushing forward to create the world that we need. It can be discouraging to have someone like Donald Trump as the President, but that doesn’t men giving up is the solution. Despite his loss, Sanders is still inspiring the Nation to stand up for what we believe in and fight for our basic human rights. We are stronger together.

Because he wont let his loss stand in his way in supporting women

many people say false things during political campaigns in order to be elected into positions of power. After the elections are over a lot of politicians whether they win or lose, will begin to fall back on those promises. Even though he is not the president, Bernie Sanders has still been pushing for the rights of every minority. He has continued forward to support the world against climate change, as well as motivate women to overcome the patriarchal system in order to achieve equality.