Why We Should All Be as Empowering As Drunk Girls in Bathrooms

It’s 1:00 a.m. and the shots of Crown Royal and Malibu rum are forcing you into the small, cramped, and gross bar bathroom. There are women leaning against the wall, taking selfies in the mirror, or helping hold the curtain (yes curtain not door) to the stall for the girl in there so that no one walks in on her. Friends often go in together, but its the strangers you meet that make a simple trip to the restroom such a memorable experience.

It usually starts with a compliment about an accessory or hair style. Then the conversation goes deeper and girls begin exchanging life stories, traumas, and secrets. There is usually at least one person on the bench crying her eyes out onto the welcoming shoulder of another girl she met two minutes before their exchange. There is so much love and support that flows around the small room.

As much as we hate to admit it, women can be very petty when it comes to our relationships with one another. things are said behind one another’s backs, some girls get so absorbed with their new boyfriend that they forget about their other friends, and society can cause jealousy to pit us against one another instead of showing the love and support that we should.

That’s not the way it should be. The best compliments I have ever received have been from Drunk Women in bathrooms. It’s a strange concept to think that a brief two minute conversation between two intoxicated individuals could be life changing, but it is. One night I saw a girl crying and asked her what was wrong. She showed me a bruise on her arm her boyfriend gave her earlier that night. I had seen him waiting outside the bathroom door when I came in. I made her wait in the chair and got a bouncer. The boy was escorted out. My friend and I walked her home that night and made sure she was safe.

The ladies room is a bonding experience. A level ground where no one cares who you are, your background, or what you look like. It’s literally a place where women come in and engage with one another, even if only for a brief few minutes. Where compliments are handed out, but still remain genuine. Where support and encouragement flow from one person to another. There is no “Catty” attitude toward one another. No jealousy or envy that pit one girl against another.

Why a bathroom? maybe because we are all in there at the time of being drunk. Alcohol can help bring people together. However, its more than just intoxication. it’s the fact that we all help one another. We hold personal belongings, give life advice, bring toilet paper to a stall when it runs out. One girl helped a stranger in and out of her body suit that she could not get off by herself. Everyone is always willing to help a lending hand or ear to the girl in line behind her.

It’s not to say that outside that women’s room all females are terrible and ready to tear one another down. But it definitely changes drastically in a new atmosphere. Instead of the love, support, and encouragement, a lot of women will say hurtful things about each other. Compete over the attention of a boy or their other friends. Try to lift themselves higher by pushing other women down. As a woman I see it all the time. I experience it constantly and try my best to be a part of the solution. Although even I do get caught up occasionally and let someone’s words hurt me.

This is why we need to all be like the people we are in those dirty night club bathrooms. All willing to help and love each other. Why can’t we bring that into the real world?

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